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Hi, my name is Truely, i am fifteen years old and come from the land of tea and crumpets. Ello govna. This wasn't originally a fandom blog, but I guess it is what it is.

Is anyone else already crying about tomorrow’s results, I’m only doing gcse’s for crying out loud.

“I’ve always been an optimist, an adventure-seeker, a believer that we’re all born perfect and feel perfect until society teaches us otherwise.”

Josh Hutcherson attends the 3rd Annual Josh Hutcherson Celebrity Basketball Game at Nokia Plaza L.A. LIVE [8/7/2014]
14. August 2014


Why do we keep getting shots like this?


Stiles as the spider in the web


His reflection…


Camera goes right through the ‘benefactor’ and you see Stiles sleeping on the other side.

This is VERY worrisome to me.  Could he be acting and not remembering, like what we saw in 3b?  Could 1000 year old ‘you can’t kill me’ actually have survived because he’s 1000 years old and the cleverest of them all?

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deathbycrayons: Hi Truly!!! I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind reading, and reviewing if you have the time, my novel, The Masquerade, by Alexa Rae. It’s young adult romance and it’s published online so if that is up your alley you should definitely check it out! It’s published online so you can find it at any ebook retailer website such as ibooks, kindle, and nook. I’d absolutely love to hear back from you!

I’ll definitely check it out, I’d love to.